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Ultimate Powder Skiing - Introduction to Off Piste Success

Ultimate Powder Skiing - Introduction to Off Piste Success

The Ultimate in - depth How To Ski Off Piste Powder System.

A lifetime of ski coaching in one place!

Here you'll discover the youthful exhilaration of
off piste powder skiing with Martin Mckay.

Discover the reasons why most Skiers struggle and fail to ski
off piste properly.

Most skier's end up HEAD PLANTING too often causing
ego issues, injury and huge set-backs.




With Martin you get a dedicated World Class Skiing Coach, not
any old Joe...

This system will make you a successful off piste skier.

This includes Online Private Members Access 24/7, The 5 Golden Keys,
A full Skiing Analysis
, The Colour Hand Book and
a Free DVD

Based on Martin's three decades of work at the cutting edge of Ski Instruction, Coaching and Guiding, this System will give you:-

A detailed guide to off piste skiing safety so you have the essential knowledge to back you up off piste and be able to ski off piste in a safe environment everytime, without failure.

An in depth introduction to the basic powder turn and how to use it so you can handle your speed and build your confidence easily and predictably.

The Important elements for powder turn mastery so you can can guarantee a solid and reliable descent through the powder snow consistently, everytime.

The Golden rules that govern off piste mastery and why you must follow these.
This is the difference that seperates the achievers off piste from the rest.

Advanced mindset, secrets and ski techniques to master off piste skiing in all conditions enabling you to become a real expert in no time at all.

Plus much, much more...
Ultimate Powder Skiing - Introduction to Off Piste Success
Online Film + 5 Golden Keys + Skiing Analysis + Hand Book + Free DVD

Ultimate Powder Skiing - Introduction to Off Piste Success
with Martin Mckay


£197.00 (you save 67%)


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As somebody who loves the Mountains, the single most important thing that you possess is the appreciation of freedom and adventure.

Your success and enjoyment in life is directly linked to the hobbies and
social experiences that you share and enjoy.

Powder Skiing will give you so much independence and exhilaration.

Being able to travel to areas that most Skier's cant reach is the best buzz.

This is only for you if you'd like to ski better off piste
and actually know what you're doing, not guestimate....

Most skier's do lack confidence and think they must always hire a 'guide or
ski instructor'...... That isn't so with the correct knowledge.

Don't take offence... But as someone once said..

"If you think Education is expensive, Try Ignorance"...

This game changing skiing programme is for Skier's who don't want
to ski like typical ski school skiers, wooden and weak...

Rather Dynamic and Graceful - In the POWDER!

Ultimate Powder Skiing - Introduction to Off Piste Success

In Ultimate Powder Skiing, Introduction to Off Piste Success you'll get the Complete Skiing Blueprint from a learner off piste to an off piste skiing expert in deep powder snow.

Also - If you have skied off piste a bit then this is perfect and you. It will transform your Skiing forever.

Our lifes are so busy these days, it's easy to forget the importance of having a work play balance.

Your work and family life may be great but that might not be enough for your total personal success.

To succeed you have to be able to let off steam and enjoy skiing at all levels.

Powder skiing is just that.

If you are like most hard working people you have a busy life. You may not have had time to pursue perfection in the powder but you may have dreamt it.

You may not have even thought that skiing off piste was something that you could do and learn proficiently.

Well the good news is, it is. Powder Skiing can be learnt. In this programme you'll be immersed in the complete skiing skills required to become the ultimate powder skier.

With over 25 years experience as a World Leading Skiing Coach, Martin will be showing you step-by-step the 43 easy-to-follow stages that pave the way to skiing powder safely with confidence and control.

Best of all, you'll be put at complete ease enabling you to visualise and learn from powerful video images and transcripts that will take you from the basics of off piste skiing all the way through to a very proficient confident off piste skier.

You'll be able to neatly and confidently go from stage to stage smoothly thanks to Martin's done for you system.... each stage dovetails together clearly.

Each stage is divided up into easy to digest milestones. These will give you the controls you'll require to be able to ski smoothly off piste, unlocking your full potential.

You'll learn how to control your speed in the powder, ensuring you have an enjoyable safe descent down the mountain.

It is built factoring in a steady pace that will allow you to reach each milestone in skiing easily with peace of mind.

You'll also be able impress upon your friends your new skiing skills. Returning home each day with stories worth telling.

You'll experience a birds eye view over Martin's shoulder...

1 - Milestone One

Essential overview of Off Piste Skiing

The most important piece of equipment you must wear, it's not a choice

The importance of being prepared and how to do that

Why being in communication is important and what to look out for

How to know what is and isn't dangerous off piste

The truth about skiing alone and the best way to handle it

One of the most important rules off piste

How to build off piste slope confidence with this important concept

Why most skier's struggle in turns and get impatient off piste

The secret to staying safe. Why many skiers and even professionals act un professionally and break this rule! Get this right so you set the example and return home alive!

Ultimate Powder Skiing - Introduction to Off Piste Success

2 - Milestone Two

Understanding the basic turn in the powder

Why making your fresh powder track in a certain way is crucial to success

The importance of not skiing like a piste skier off piste and why

How to practice this one skill to set you up for control of speed off piste

The 1, 2 movement that changes the game in powder turns

How to remain smooth in each turn without loosing control

Why and how to use your poles. Most skiers get this wrong

Learn why most skier's never flow smoothly in the powder

The essentials to a steady turn in deep snow

Ultimate Powder Skiing - Introduction to Off Piste Success

Online Film + 5 Golden Keys + Skiing Analysis + Hand Book + Free DVD

Ultimate Powder Skiing - Introduction to Off Piste Success
with Martin Mckay


£197.00 (you save 67%)

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3 - Milestone Three

The secrets to master your powder turns

The 5 Golden Rules to follow before you go off piste

Breaking down the perfect set up to stand you in good stead

Making your first turn and the ideal check list to follow

Understanding weight control and why you need to tune your senses

How to nail your turns with certainty. Most skiers miss this bit out

Reinforcing flow and why this is crucial

The power of visualisation, watch this and master it

How to build up your confidence

Ultimate Powder Skiing - Introduction to Off Piste Success

4 - Milestone Four

The art of etiquette off piste

Crossing an off piste slope correctly and why most people get this wrong

The BIG GOLDEN RULE - Get this wrong and your life is at risk!

What you should be focusing on when you join a fresh skiing track and why

The most important 'part' of your turn in the powder

How to ski with respect off piste and why it's so important

Understanding discipline off piste. Most people screw this up

Looking at off piste skiing in a different light, not just the technique. Master this and you'll become a 1% er in the powder. Everyone else will hold you in high esteem

Ultimate Powder Skiing - Introduction to Off Piste Success

5 - Milestone Five

Advanced secrets to success

When to use the common weighted turn and why it has its limits

How to use the advanced turning technique. Crucial to grasp!

The importance of specific focus and how this will skyrocket your performance

Why you need to ski strong on bigger powder slopes

How to ski powder in the trees easily without loosing control

Understanding experience and the best way to progress fast

Ultimate skier secrets to guarantee you total powder dominance

Ultimate Powder Skiing - Introduction to Off Piste SuccessOnline Film + 5 Golden Keys + Skiing Analysis + Hand Book + Free DVD

Ultimate Powder Skiing - Introduction to Off Piste Success
with Martin Mckay



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Includes The Full System:-

Online Film private members page 24/7 with coaching support from Martin

43 Secrets to Master Powder Skiing. Filmed up close in Val d'Isere, France.

This breakthrough programme was recorded and directed by Martins team. It is mind blowingly simple to follow, fast to absorb and a treasure trove of powerful video images that will stick in your mind forever. Lock it up and guard it with your life, its that valuable.

Each step shows you the subtle stages required off piste and how to dovetail them together smoothly. These 43 secret stages are perfectly laid out. Up close filming over Martin's shoulder gives you a birds eye view.

Fast progress is guaranteed.


Rules of Engagement to follow for Off Piste Powder Success. These are crucial for real mastery off piste. Get them right and you'll be set up for life in the Powder snow.

Skiing Analysis Plus

live Coaching Video Call will pin point your weaknesses and strengths to build you a game plan for total future skiing success. Exclusively with Martin.

The Ultimate Powder Skiing Full Colour Hand Book

84 pages detailing in Full Colour and Text all 43 Secrets, Perfect for on the go. This is the Bible of Fresh Powder Skiing for Introduction to Off Piste Success. It's a Classic thats on every skier's book shelf.

Mastery at your Finger Tips

For Introduction to off piste skiers as well as those who've skied off piste a fair bit but aren't happy with their results.

This will show you in detail from the start right up to an advanced level.

If you want to be confident, this will give you everything you need.

All of the above

Ultimate Powder Skiing Online Film private members page 24/7 Ultimate Powder Skiing Online Film private members page 24/7.
The 5 Golden Keys The 5 Golden Keys.
Skiing Analysis Skiing Analysis.

The Ultimate Powder Skiing Hand Book The Ultimate Powder Skiing Full Colour Hand Book.

Order now for just £197.00 (you save 67%)

Don't delay. Martin only takes on a limited number of new Skiing customers from time to time due to maintaining a high degree of quality and delivery.

During this training you will have a chance to speak with Martin live. As such this programme is in great demand. You will receive a full Skiing analysis. The full 43 how to ski off piste film. The full colour hand book that goes in depth. The 5 Golden keys and a Free DVD if you want it, no extra charge.



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