June 2022

Mastery is what you make it!

Hey Ski Friends,

This winter saw some awesome early powder snow, stay tuned as I'm going to release a mastery video clip of How Powder Skiing Should be done...


There's serious distractions hitting everyone these days on their phones, and it's getting worse. Be sure to keep a daily discipline to your schedule.

1) Train your body in turn your mind.

2) Set your SKIING Goals Boldly.

3) Never do what the majority do, they're sure to be wrong.

4) That training point, No.1, train 6 days a week. Include Plyometrics.

5) That Ski Goal, No.2, Write it down, in BOLD with a SHARPIE, set a deadline to it!

Good luck,

Best wishes,


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February 16th, 2022


Congratulations to Clement Noel (and the Club des sports, Val d'Isere) in the Mens Olympic Slalom.

Bravo Mon Ami!


Stay honest

Integrity and humility are core values required towards your total successful journey in Skiing. More often than not (especially these days) people either don't respect these 'powers' or simply don't understand their importance.

You can't 'cheat' your way to success, you'll only cheat yourself.

Remain humble and integral, these values will make you.

If left out they'll break you!

These are the two key values that I nurture...

They will define you.

Best wishes,

• Alpine Ski Coach - B.E.E.S 1er degre ski alpin

• Ironman athlete


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Val d'Isere Ski Instructor Martin Mckay

Val d'Isere Ski Instructor Martin Mckay



Martin racing at Ironman with Alistair Brownlee. Pumped!

Alistair is the most humble athlete in the field. He's also focused to a fault, a true role model.

Martin with Alistair


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